Some Interesting Fun facts

The word "eye" comes from the German "glas" - glass. At first, it meant a glass prosthesis, but for more than two centuries completely replaced the primordially Slavic "eye".

The question "Who is God?" Became the most frequently asked word on the Internet in 2007. On the fourth position is the question "Who is Jesus?". More and more often the Internet becomes a place where people search for answers literally for everything. In the category "What is ...?" The question of love became the most asked.

An unusual way to lose weight came up with dieticians from Japan. They created special glasses, in which an adequate diet is included.

The most "unappetizing" color of the spectrum has long been recognized as blue. People who want to lose weight, you need to wear glasses with blue glasses that will make the appearance of food boring and even repulsive. In addition, penetrating through the colored glasses of glasses, color waves act directly on the brain and cause the corresponding reactions of the body. Consequently, these glasses soothe the appetite centers of the brain and fix the dietary result. There are miracle eyewear about $ 20, but so far only sold in Japan.

The love of the octopus has much in common with the human. It turns out that these sea mollusks know how to not only flirt, but even be jealous and hold on to "hands" - tentacles. Octopus males are faithful and caring partners, guarding the octopus female after fertilization. For several days the octopus guard the lair of the girlfriend, attacking any opponent who has gotten too close to his passion. Meanwhile, the competitors of the enamored octopus, in order to repulse his "lady of the heart", can go to various tricks, up to disguising themselves as females, swimming "like a woman".

The word "amber" in Lithuanian will be "gintaras", in Latvian - "dzintars". And in Greek - "electron".
A million dollar mobile phone carries the saying name - "Le Million De la Nuit" ("Million per night"). Such a high price of the phone is due to the fact that the most expensive materials were used in the manufacture of its case: platinum, white and yellow gold, and also diamonds of the highest degree of purification. On the back of the device there are inserts from crocodile skin. It is interesting that, as a rule, expensive exclusive mobile phones do not represent anything exceptional from a technical point of view and in this sense even often are inferior to conventional phones.

The Russian language in the United States ranks 10th in the prevalence, over 700 thousand people speak it. The largest number of Russian-speakers live in the state of New York (218 thousand people, or 30% of all native speakers of the Russian language). Curiously, about 3% of the population of Alaska understands the Russian language to some extent, and about 8.5% of the inhabitants profess Orthodoxy. Until the middle of the XIX century, Alaska was Russian.

Prokopy Ustyug - in his own unique Orthodox saint. By origin he was a Catholic German, a merchant from the city of Lübeck. Arriving around 1243 with goods to Veliky Novgorod, he was impressed by the multitude and beauty of the churches, the bell ringing and the zeal of the people to the church services - which he did not think to meet among people who did not obey the Pope. The German visited the temple of Hagia Sophia, where he saw the solemnity of the rites, heard choral singing. After that, he decided to accept Orthodoxy, distributed all his goods to the urban beggar, donated part of the property to the monastery. Later he retired from Novgorod to Veliky Ustyug. There he lived on alms at the church's porch, slept on a damp earth or on a heap of rubbish. In 1290, Procopius foresaw a natural disaster - a violent storm with a thunderstorm, forest fires and a devastating tornado, caused by the fall of a meteorite near Ustyug. A week before this event, the righteous warned of the imminent trial of God, but no one believed him. When the storm broke out, the residents rushed to the cathedral church, where they found the praying for them and for the salvation of the city of Procopius. The righteous lived in foolhood for 60 years and was numbered after the death of the Orthodox saints.

The biggest bubble of chewing gum was recorded in July 1994 in the ABC television studio in New York. He was swindled by Susan Montgomery from the United States, the diameter of the bladder was 58.5 centimeters, which is more than the size of the shoulders of an adult male of medium build.
Healthy people, according to a study by Dutch scientists, cost the health system more expensive than patients. It turned out that treating people suffering from obesity and even cancer is much cheaper than providing healthy people with medical care, who survive to old age and die from more "costly" ailments.

The researchers found that the cost of treating obesity is large enough, but in the long run they can not be compared with the costs of caring for those suffering from Alzheimer's disease, which is common among the elderly. The results of the study disprove the view that combating obesity can save millions of dollars. The success of the fight against obesity and smoking means that people will only have a chance to die from something more expensive, having lived to an advanced age.
The most enduring creatures on our planet are slow-moving or "water bears." Although the length of these invertebrate organisms is from 1 to 1.5 millimeters, outwardly they resemble a cross between a caterpillar and a bear. Inhabitants dwell in a humid environment. They are able to withstand a temperature of -250 ° C, are not exposed to radiation, they dry up completely when they dry completely.

Killer-cannibal, Japanese Issei Sagawa, who in 1981 lost his life and with pleasure cooked his classmate, currently works as a restaurant critic. The court of Sagawa escaped because it was recognized by psychiatrists as insane. Cannibal admits that he is still overpowered by cannibalistic fantasies, but claims that he is not going to implement them again.

The fish-slider, or anabas, behaves very strange. Often, she creeps ashore and even climbs on the trees, using her fins to move. The slider does this in search of a more suitable habitat. So fish are carried out and mass migrations from drying up reservoirs into new ones.
The muffler for the pharynx, covering the mouth, was invented in 1989 by the spouses Moira and Frank Faigon from California. Having brought the device to your mouth, you can "yell, sob, and pour out the accumulated anger without interfering with others." The design is simple: the pipe-muffler with a flat bottom is lined from the inside with soundproof foam.

At the port of New York in 1865, a half-paralyzed 17-year-old boy, Julius Schmid, a poor German-Jewish immigrant who dreamed of wealth, landed. Tortured by lack of money, he settled in a small factory for the production of sausages and sausages. Here he first thought about creating condoms. He was interested in the intestinal membranes of animals, in which sausages were wrapped. Julius began selling his products on the streets of Manhattan, but was arrested and imprisoned. And only after leaving there, he created the world's first company for the production of condoms.

The American Mr. Mohinny has been diligently collecting music for the last fifty years. Unfortunately, now he is completely blind, he has diabetes and absolutely no time to communicate with five of his beloved grandchildren. So he agrees to sell all three million records and 300 thousand CDs. This is the largest private collection of music in the world. The starting price is three million dollars. Inexpensive, given that there are an infinite number of rarities in the collection, and half of the recordings never touched the player's needle.